Awesome Rebrand ✌️

We have recently celebrated our fifth anniversary at Yakelo since founding the company and this has been a time to reflect on our progress as a business and our position in the market. We have grown into one of the country’s leading online retailers of branded children’s footwear from the world's best shoe brands.

Whilst the name Yakelo – and the yak – is fondly embedded into our business we believe the time has come to progress to the next stage of our development starting with a new name which more accurately reflects our brand values, resonates with our customers and reflects the strength of our brand partnerships.

We are synonymous with providing our customers with awesome shoes and awesome customer service. Our team works around the clock to deliver an awesome shopping experience using the latest technology and tools available. Our passion for delivering awesomeness is why we are at the top of customer review surveys in the industry. Rest assured that not only will our commitment continue, but we are set to build on these foundations even further.

From October 2019 onwards our new brand name is Awesome Shoes.

Logo change

Our new brand name is more easily recognised and vocalised, emphasises the quirkiness, cuteness and fun that we are renowned for by our customers and highlights the values that we share with our customers.

Alongside this exciting change we are also continuing to invest in every aspect of our business. Earlier this year we made a sizeable investment in new photography technology that will significantly improve product imagery and enhance our customers buying experience. We continue to grow our team who are all as equally passionate about creating fantastic shopping experiences and delighting our customers.

New branding

We look forward to seeing you soon.

– Awesome Shoes