Quick and Easy Shoe Fitting Guide for Kids

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At Awesome Shoes, we're committed to helping you find the perfect fit for your child. While measuring can provide a guide, it's crucial to assess the fit on their feet. Our quick and easy step-by-step fitting guide will walk you through the process:

  1. Heel Grip: Lift one foot at a time and check if the shoe grips the heel well. This prevents slipping while walking.
  2. Top of the Shoe: Feel around the top to ensure there are no gaps between the shoe and the foot, particularly at the heel.
  3. Ankle: Check for ankle bone contact; a padded collar should feel soft and supportive.
  4. Length: Gently feel the longest toe through the shoe to ensure there's growing room.
  5. Width: Feel along the sides of the shoe; there shouldn't be pressure or bulging.
  6. Depth: Run your thumb across the top of the shoe; the leather should move slightly.
  7. Walking: Observe natural walking; shoes should stay secure and not slip off.

The Finger Test: Too Big or Too Small?

Wondering if the shoes are too big or too small? Use your fingers to check. For shoes that are too big, there will be too much space between the toes and the front of the shoe. For shoes that are too small, the big toe will press against the end, and there might be discomfort or tightness at the heel and sides.

Our Promise

If the shoes you receive from Awesome Shoes don't fit correctly, don't worry. We offer free returns on all UK orders, so you can easily exchange them for the right size. Your child's comfort and healthy development are our priority.

Remember, at Awesome Shoes, we're not just about stylish footwear; we're about supporting your child's journey with properly fitting shoes that encourage confident, comfortable steps.

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