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Dr Martens is not only an internationally renowned footwear icon but a symbol of attitude and empowerment. A go-to for street style fans, these timeless silhouettes offer unbeatable comfort and durability – allowing you to create your own distinctive look. The classic Dr Martens 1460 boot has been the choice of footwear among various groups in British culture and became a fashion must-have.

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Dr Martens kids boots feature all the smart, strong, and fashionable design elements of their adult boots contained in fun, bright and vibrant designs your kids will love! Investing in a pair of Dr Martens kids boots, Dr Martens kids sandals or Dr Martens school shoes means choosing a brand that has become famous the world over for its high-quality materials, iconic design, and fashionable flair.

This Iconic British brand has been around since the forties and footwear fans have long valued the boots for their fantastic mix of practicality and fashion. The boots are constructed of tough, long-lasting leather, soft and supportive air-cushioned soles, and tough stitching.

Our Awesome Shoes selection features the best Dr Martens kids boots, Dr Martens kids sandals, and Dr Martens school shoes for your child which are stylish, fashionable, and offer all the robust protection the brand is renowned for.

Our Dr Martens kids boots selection features the classic and iconic 1460 junior ankle-high boots which are immediately recognizable in shape and will be a welcome buy for fashion-conscious kids. These robust leather boots are practical and durable while allowing enough breathability and movement to ensure your child will be able to run, play and go about their day comfortably. Choose between classic black and brown designs or pick a fun child-friendly design twist with a shiny purple reptile skin effect or a bright pop of pink!

You can also pick a pair of Dr Martens kids sandals to see your child through the whole of the summer in cool and breathable shoes that are just as durable and comfortable as the brand's iconic boots. These fun, attractive cut-out sandals are built from strong, long-lasting but also soft and comfortable Lamper leather which will withstand the knocks, wear and tear of a summer's worth of play!

The simple and strong hook and loop closure strap is adjustable and will keep your child's feet secure and protected as they run around and the soft, supportive soles will keep their heels cushioned with each step they take.

When buying school shoes you need to know that you are investing in a smart pair of shoes that are going to be strong and long-lasting enough to be worth the money. The Dr Martens school shoes meet these requirements, and then some! Choose between a classic patent Mary Jane girls' shoe or a smart pair of unisex lace-ups. No matter which stylish school shoe you pick you can feel confident in the strong materials, high-quality stitching, and long-lasting leather which the brand is famous for!

We have picked the very best from the Dr Martens kids shoe collection, so browse above for the best possible options in Dr Martens sandals, Dr Martens school shoes, or invest in a pair of the iconic Dr Martens kids boots! Whether you want a classic black or brown boot design or are looking for a child-friendly colour option, our special selection should have you covered!

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Dr Martens “With Bouncing Soles”

By the later 1960s, skinheads started to wear them, "DMs" being the usual naming, and by the late 1970s, they were popular among scooter riders, punks, some new wave musicians, and members of other youth subcultures. Meanwhile, US Hardcore musicians touring the UK began to take pairs of DM’s back to the west coast, thus inadvertently starting American subculture’s adoption of the brand. The boots and shoes became popular in the 1990s as grunge fashion arose. The brand also became synonymous with festival culture. Because of its popularity, Dr. Martens department store was opened in Covent Garden in London, in 1994.

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