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Timberland started as a family-run shoe company in 1955 which used revolutionary and environmentally-friendly waterproof technology. Today, Timberland is a worldwide brand renowned for its tough waterproof boots without compromising on comfort or style. Timberland works hard to reduce its carbon footprint and to act environmentally responsibly. Timberland boots have for many years sat comfortably in the fashion limelight, with classic styles like the 6-inch classic boot, Earthkeepers, and Splitrock. 😎

Timberland "The classic yellow boot"

**Sidney Swartz introduced The Original Yellow Boot™ to the world in 1973.** The waterproof boot was created for hard-working New Englanders, but that didn’t stop its appeal from spreading worldwide. In Europe, it became the symbol of the **“Made in the USA” look**, in Asia, it became a statement of individuality, and in America, you were as likely to see it on a boat-builder in Massachusetts as a college student in California.

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