Lelli Kelly Girls' Mary Jane Shoes

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The Italian brand, Lelli Kelly, launched its first pair of shoes way back in 1992. However, its designs were so unusual that it soon became a cult favourite all over the world, with millions of young girls adding its footwear to their Christmas wishlists. Today, every little girl wants a pair of Lelli Kelly.


Year-round Styles

Lelli Kelly arranges its shoe collections by season. This way, girls have something gorgeous they can wear year-round. During the spring, the company makes canvas shoes and trainers featuring intricate patterns and delicately sewn sequined flowers. In the summer, comes sandals, and then, in the autumn, beautiful black patent school shoes and boots with added sparkle.

Mary Jane School Shoes

The brand’s Mary Jane shoes – an American term for a closed, low-cut shoe with straps across the instep – are perfect for school and occasional wear. These offer a pared-back take on the brand’s extravagant style while also offering little girls practical footwear they can use every day due to the soft leather lining, padded ankle and cushioned insole for extra comfort.

Bigtime Favourite

The Lelli Kelly Mary Jane shoes are a big favourite for girls thanks to their fun, beautiful charm on the instep strap while maintaining a smart appearance. The charms or the straps, depending on the style, are interchangeable for a more formal look if needed. Footwear features mermaids, hearts, rainbows, bow-ties, dogs, and, of course, unicorns in a multi-coloured, diamante design.

If the beautiful look wasn't enough, they all come with a free toy that makes for a lovely surprise when opening the shoe box. Not only are the shoes exciting to wear but they make an amazing gift too.

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