Bobux Quickdry Sandals

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Do you want some great sandals for your child? Maybe you just want something that will last and last, without breaking the bank. Either way, the Bobux Quickdry Sandals are for you. The Quickdry collection from Bobux is ideal for anyone who wants their kids to have freedom when exploring the world of outdoor play. The shoes are available in various colours and the styling is designed to appeal to kids too. The fast-drying material also means that kids can cool off when the weather outside is hot, but aren’t stuck with wet feet all day. They can get right back to playing and this helps them to do what they do best, just be a kid, without limitations.


Freedom of Play

The Quickdry style has been crafted in such a way, that it gives kids the ultimate freedom of play. The great thing about these shoes is that they will not lose shape when they get wet. They are fully made for walks in long dewy grass, for splashing in light puddles or running fast on concrete. These are truly great shoes if you want your child to have something that can keep up with them, and the huge range that we have available means you’ll never be stuck with limited choice again.

Salt-Water Resistant

We would also like to point out that the Bobux Quickdry Sandals are very salt-water resistant, and they are able to repel any stain with ease. Some of them come with closed toes so that kids can gain confidence when they first start to walk, and the cut-outs help to give a super high level of breathability when the sun is shining. With adjustable straps, padded collars, different fastenings, and a centre strap which offers both durability and strength, you won’t find anything that your kids love more than these shoes. Check out our range at Awesome Shoes today.

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