Early Days Baby Shoes

Early Days has been designing and manufacturing shoes since 1952. Since then, the brand has learned a lot about the type of footwear that both babies and parents want. Everything about its shoes is designed around utility, from the basic design to the choice of material. No wonder there’s so much hype surrounding them.

Interestingly, though, despite all the utilitarianism, Early Days has maintained its luxurious appeal. The company’s products are still incredibly desirable, serving both as a practical accessory to family life and a designer item in their own right.


Some styles have even become Royal favourites. The Early Days 'Alex' were Prince George's first shoes and he was seen wearing them on his first birthday in 2014. While Princess Charlotte was photographed wearing the 'Emma' shoe in navy colour in April 2016 and also in the pink version while watching the Royal Air Force flypast in celebration of The Queen's 90th birthday.

What Features Do Early Days Baby Shoes Offer?

What Features Do Early Days Baby Shoes Offer?

Early Days first-walker shoes are designed with mum in mind. Both girls’ and boys’ lines come with easy fastenings, such as bar straps with a simple button. These make them easy to slip on your newborn’s feet when you are in a hurry.

Pre-walker shoes also feature soft leather in-lays that make them more comfortable for babies and toddlers, encouraging use. They’re ideal for christenings or other special occasions.

What Makes Early Days Baby Shoes So Great?

  • Luxurious style: Every shoe combines the innocence of youth with designer flourishes, making them perfect for special occasions
  • Comfortable inners: Babies and toddlers feel comfortable all day long
  • Available for boys and girls: Find something for every gender
  • New varieties: Regularly update your infant’s collection
  • Easy to fasten: Prevent headaches and delays when getting ready in the morning
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