Salt-Water Sun-San Kids' Sandals

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Are you looking for kid’s sandals that will be perfect for the next summer trip? If so, then you might want to consider Salt-Water Sandals' Sun-San range. Originally created and launched on the market, nearly eighty years ago, the classic style of these sandals is still popular today. This is largely in part due to the guaranteed quality and flawless design work that make these shoes a must-have accessory for a trip to the beach.


A Stylish Choice

The Salt-Water Sun-San kids' sandals look fantastic and have a beautiful design that has been imitated by countless designers but never duplicated. Choose from different colours and shades to find the perfect option for your child. From golden shades to lilac, navy and tan, there are countless possibilities.

Designed for Durability

These shoes are ideal for every type of summer environment. Children can dip their feet in the waves wearing these sandals without parents needing to worry about the rust-proof tongue buckles showing signs of wear and tear. The leather steps are also coated with water resistant-sealant. As such, these sandals will look great on your kid’s feet and continue to stand the test of time long after the first holiday.

Comfort Guaranteed

Every parent knows the headache of a child complaining about their kid's feet getting sore after just a little walking. That won’t be the case if they are wearing Sun-San sandals. These are designed to remain comfortable for longer and will mould to the child’s feet after being worn multiple times. They provide the ultimate fit each time they are put on.

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