If you're looking for the perfect shoe to protect and support your little one's feet, explore our latest range of Bobux shoes. Made with soft padded leather since 1991, these New Zealand-crafted designs offer a variety of cute styles – from boots to sandals – that will give young ones great comfort on each step! Find first walkers, pre-walkers as well as soft sole options making sure every stage is met with utmost care.

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Measure the foot in centimeters from heel to longest toe and enter the measurement into box above. We've taken account of growing room and the suggested size is for this specific shoe (we've measured the shoes!).

Size Finder™ — Foot Measuring guide

Download the simple and free to use Size Finder™ Paper Ruler and follow the instructions included with it to measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home.

Download the paper ruler

Don't forget to check your printer settings are marked as "Do not Scale" – otherwise the ruler won't give the right length.

To measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home all you need is a wall and a ruler.
Follow the steps below for each foot and take the largest centimeter size:

  1. Place the foot on a wooden or hard floor, with the heel touching a wall.
  2. Stand normally, with equal weight on both feet.
  3. Place a ruler beside the foot so it is also touching the wall.
  4. Then take the length in centimeters from the heel to the tip of the longest toe – the longest toe may not be the big toe.
There is no need to add any extra centimeters as we've already calculated growing room into all our measurements.
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Bobux shoes offer only the best in comfortable, long-lasting, and attractive children’s leather shoes. Whether you are looking for Bobux shoes, Bobux boots, Bobux sandals, or a great pair of Bobux school shoes, Awesome Shoes has you covered! Scroll to discover our curated choice of the absolute best shoes that this up-and-coming brand has on offer!

Bobux has become famous for their extremely comfortable, soft padded leather shoes which are perfect for protecting young feet. Since 1991, the New Zealand brand has been steadily gathering a huge following in parents looking for comfortable and high-quality shoes for their children. The brand is renowned for durable, protective leather shoes with soft, comfortable, and padded designs.

Instantly recognizable, these attractive and individualised styles have been created with your child’s comfort as the utmost priority. With Bobux shoes your children will be able to move their feet around freely while being protected by robust, hard-wearing leather and high-quality stitching which will last.

Over the years, the range has expanded from Bobux booties to Bobux shoes, sandals, and even Bobux school shoes so you can ensure your child is comfortable no matter where they are and what they are doing. Browse our selection of Bobux shoes above to discover the comfortable designs we have on offer.

Our Awesome Shoes Bobux shoe selection has a wide range of children’s shoes which all feature the high level of comfort the brand is famous for. Whether you are looking for Bobux sandals for the summer, Bobux boots for the winter, Bobux shoes for general wear, or Bobux school shoes, you can find the perfect pair here! We have picked the most attractive and comfortable selections you can feel confident in buying.

Bobux school shoes are smart, attractive, and comfortable options that ensure that your child will be at ease while fulfilling uniform codes. Your child’s feet will be encased in smart, quick-drying leather and protectively wrapped in flexible memory foam which will be kind to their growing feet during the school day.

In the summer months, Bobux sandals will keep your child’s feet cool and comfortable in colourful, playful and vibrant designs perfect for the sunshine months. With attractive colour selections, from bright deep greens and blues to frosted pink and silvers. No matter what style your child prefers, you will find a comfortable and cool pair of quick-drying sandals they will love.

Bobux boots for children will keep young feet dry, warm, and protected during the cooler months. You can invest in these shoes confident that your children’s feet will be protected comfortably and kept dry throughout the winter. Select between beautiful, muted jewel tones, pretty pink designs, and practical browns and blues to pick a pair your child can’t wait to put on every day!

We have picked a fantastic, varied collection of the absolute best Bobux has to offer, to bring you the crème de la crème in children’s shoe design. Browse our Bobux shoe collection above to discover the absolute best in comfortable, durable shoe designs which are kind to your child’s feet and attractive in everyone’s eyes!

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Bobux Quickdry Sandals

Do you want some great sandals for your child? Maybe you just want something that will last and last, without breaking the bank. Either way, the Bobux Quickdry Sandals are for you. The Quickdry collection from Bobux is ideal for anyone who wants their kids to have freedom when exploring the world of outdoor play. The shoes are available in various colours and the styling is designed to appeal to kids too. The fast-drying material also means that kids can cool off when the weather outside is hot, but aren’t stuck with wet feet all day. They can get right back to playing and this helps them to do what they do best, just be a kid, without limitations.

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