Discover the wide range of exclusive FILA kids trainers at Awesome Shoes. Founded in Italy in 1911, FILA originally started by making clothing for the people of the Italian Alps, now manufacturing sportswear for men, women and kids as well as athletes. Their stylish statement shoes for kids are both comfortable and iconic that make any casual outfit stand out!

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All Boys Girls Mens Womens All FILA Shoes Trainers Interation LNX_100 Disruptor II Disruptor II EXP Disruptor Zero Sneaker Drifter Original Fitness Scribbles Ray Tracer TR 2 Renno Reno Scribbles Ryzer Sandals Sandblast Low MG Slides
Original Fitness Scribbles Child FILA Original Fitness Scribbles Child £22.00 £44.00 -50% LNX_100 Child FILA LNX_100 Child £22.00 £44.00 -50% LNX_100 Child FILA LNX_100 Child £22.00 £44.00 -50% Reno Scribbles Child FILA Reno Scribbles Child £22.00 £44.00 -50% Ray Tracer TR 2 FILA Ray Tracer TR 2 £44.50 £89.00 -50% Interation FILA Interation £44.50 £89.00 -50% Disruptor II EXP Child FILA Disruptor II EXP Child £24.50 £49.00 -50% Interation FILA Interation £44.50 £89.00 -50% Disruptor Zero Sneaker FILA Disruptor Zero Sneaker £47.00 £94.00 -50% Sandblast Low MG Sneaker FILA Sandblast Low MG Sneaker £34.50 £69.00 -50% Disruptor II Premium FILA Disruptor II Premium £42.00 £84.00 -50% Drifter FILA Drifter £11.00 £22.00 -50% Renno FILA Renno £39.50 £79.00 -50% Ryzer FILA Ryzer £34.50 £69.00 -50%

FILA is an Italian sporting goods company founded in 1911. It has been a subsidiary of Fila Korea since 2007 headed by Yoon Keun-Chang. From the craggy peaks of Mount Everest to the illustrious lawns of Wimbledon, the name Fila echoes an unmistakable legacy of excellence, born through decades of innovation and unswerving dedication to providing premium sportswear crafted to be exceptional as its wearer. 😎

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