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Wide range of exclusive Michael Kors shoes for kids at Awesome Shoes. Since its foundation in the 1990s, the Michael Kors brand has become known for its luxurious, classic feel, high-quality materials and excellent designs. The classic styles mixed with beautiful, modern elements create the perfect boots and trainers for kids to stand out.

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Download the simple and free to use Size Finder™ Paper Ruler and follow the instructions included with it to measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home.

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To measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home all you need is a wall and a ruler.
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  1. Place the foot on a wooden or hard floor, with the heel touching a wall.
  2. Stand normally, with equal weight on both feet.
  3. Place a ruler beside the foot so it is also touching the wall.
  4. Then take the length in centimeters from the heel to the tip of the longest toe – the longest toe may not be the big toe.
There is no need to add any extra centimeters as we've already calculated growing room into all our measurements.
Skate Split 3 C Michael Kors Skate Split 3 C £52.00 £87.00 -30% Cosmo Maddy C Michael Kors Cosmo Maddy C £61.50 £105.00 -30% Jordana Airin C Michael Kors Jordana Airin C £52.00 £87.00 -30% Jem Slade H&L T Michael Kors Jem Slade H&L T £45.00 £75.00 -30% Jem Monogram C Michael Kors Jem Monogram C £45.00 £75.00 -30% Jem Slade C Michael Kors Jem Slade C £45.00 £75.00 -30% Jem Slade H&L C Michael Kors Jem Slade H&L C £45.00 £75.00 -30% Jem Monogram PS C Michael Kors Jem Monogram PS C £42.00 £70.00 -30% Finley Salem C Michael Kors Finley Salem C £52.00 £73.95 -30% Skate Split II C Michael Kors Skate Split II C £52.00 £73.95 -30% Haskell C Michael Kors Haskell C £61.50 £87.95 -30% Haskell Studs C Michael Kors Haskell Studs C £64.50 £91.95 -30% Ridley Chelsea C Michael Kors Ridley Chelsea C £52.00 £73.95 -30% Skate Split II C Michael Kors Skate Split II C £37.00 £73.95 -50% Jem Slade C Michael Kors Jem Slade C £42.00 £59.95 -30% Jem Slade H&L T Michael Kors Jem Slade H&L T £42.00 £59.95 -30% Allie Sock Crystal C Michael Kors Allie Sock Crystal C £61.50 £87.95 -30%

The classic elegance and stylish high quality of the Michael Kors brand are now available for children in the Michael Kors kids shoe range which encompasses all the fantastic design and luxurious feel of the brand. And Awesome Shoes has selected the very best for kids in our exclusive range above!

We have specially chosen the most beautiful, comfortable, and practical Michael Kors kids trainers, Michael Kors kids sandals, and Michael Kors kids boots for you to choose from. These selections encompass the classy, stylish, and clean modern design that the American Fashion Designer has become known for across the globe.

Michael Kors, a seasoned designer set up his brand in the 1990s, and since then it has become one of the most famous womenswear brands on the globe with celebrity fans such as Michelle Obama and Blake Lively. The Michael Kors brand has become known for its luxurious, classic feel, high-quality materials, and excellent design and tailoring - all of these values are also encompassed in the Michael Kors kids' shoe range!

Michael Kors kids trainers feature the iconic MK logo in a modern luxe colour scheme of white, vanilla, and gold to create a stylish child-friendly take on the brand's aesthetic. The trainers have shiny gold embellishments, chunky platform heels, and classic lace-up fronts to bring an exciting mix of comfort and urban fashion to your child's outfit. Other fashionable designs include silver, white and pink trainers all bearing the iconic Kors name. Available in low-top, mid-top, and high-top designs - these iconic designs are sure to be a favourite with fashion-conscious kids and parents alike!

Michael Kors kids sandals also feature the best of the brand with pretty, classic designs, luxurious feel materials, and comfort level at a premium. Whether you are looking for modern luxurious silver or gold, or a more feminine print, your children will find these cool, breathable, and high-quality sandals the perfect shoes to pull on every day as soon as the summer sun begins to arrive!

And for autumn and winter, you can invest in a pair of trendy Michael Kors kids boots to see them through the season! Made of high-quality leather, the shoes are stylishly etched with the Michael Kors MK brand logo to offer an interesting design detail to the classic ankle boot style and also feature an MK charm on the zip. These kids' boots will make a stylish addition to any winter outfit and the non-mark rubber soles will ensure that your children remain balanced and supported as they walk across slippery winter surfaces.

The Michael Kors brand has become known for its commitment to elegance, luxury, and stylish takes on classic designs and all of this is present in the beautiful Michael Kors kids shoe collection at Awesome Shoes. The brand's classic design ethos is mixed with fun, funky modern elements to create children's boots, sandals, and shoes that all members of the family will adore. Browse above to discover the beautiful designs on offer.

Michael Kors
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