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Wide range of exclusive Salt-Water Sandals for kids at Awesome Shoes. The popular US brand from the 1940s has become known for its pretty and durable vintage-style sandals. The leather is coated with a water-resistant sealant and they mould to the feet with repeated wear. They are great for running in and out of the ocean, making them the perfect summer sandals for any occasion!

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The beautiful Salt-Water Sandals kids range at Awesome Shoes features a beautiful collection of gorgeous jewel, neutral, and primary-coloured summer sandals kids will absolutely adore! We have chosen the absolute cream of the crop in the Salt-Water Sandals Original, Retro and Sun-San Kids collections for you to browse above.

This popular, vintage US brand has become known for its pretty and durable summer sandals recognizable from their interlinked straps and buckled ankle straps. The company has been in business producing children's leather sandals since the 1940s and in that time they have definitely perfected their art! Their sandals are the perfect mix of classic design and modern hard-wearing materials.

We love these children's Salt-Water Sandals which have all the style, durability, and high-quality stitching these cult classics have become famous for. Not only are they beautiful and comfy - they are also waterproof! These are the perfect pair of kids' sandals for the beach which will compliment pretty outfits, enable energetic play, and withstand all the splashing and swimming in the waves that your child can muster!

These practical and vintage-look sandals are the perfect summer shoes for kids with a fantastic comfort level, classic style, and beautiful colour options. The leather cut-out straps ensure your children's feet will remain cool and the adjustable ankle straps keep their feet secure and protected as they run around and play in the sun. Meanwhile, the strong, soft soles ensure that each step is supported and cushioned no matter what surface they are running around on!

Our Awesome Shoes options include the Salt-Water Retro, Salt-Water Original, Sun-San Shark, Sun-San Sweetheart, Sun-San Surfer and Swimmer kids sandals which are all perfect for the summertime season! The leather uppers on these beautiful designs are stitched to a very high standard and you can trust in the sturdiness and strength of these sandals to see your child through the summer months as they run and play at home and on vacation.

Salt-Water Sun-San Swimmer kids sandals have been created for the beach and have rust-proof buckles and water-friendly materials so your child can keep their feet safe as they splash around in the sea. These practical summer sandals are also easy to hand wash making them a great pick to take with you for your holidays.

The Salt-Water Retro sandals range features comfortable flat soles and an intricate braided strap design and signature ankle straps in a classic fifties style. These comfortable waterproof options are durable and comfortable enough for everyday wear, while pretty and smart enough to wear during the evening as well!

Other options include the Salt-Water Sun-San Sweetheart kids sandal with its simpler two-strap design and the Salt-Water Sun-San Surfer child's sandal both available in the signature stylish pastel, jewel, and primary colour options which mark out the brand. We have chosen the prettiest, most practical waterproof sandals for kids which we know that you and your children will love!

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Salt-Water Sun-San Kids' Sandals

Are you looking for kid’s sandals that will be perfect for the next summer trip? If so, then you might want to consider Salt-Water Sandals' Sun-San range. Originally created and launched on the market, nearly eighty years ago, the classic style of these sandals is still popular today. This is largely in part due to the guaranteed quality and flawless design work that make these shoes a must-have accessory for a trip to the beach.

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