Discover Skechers shoes for kids at Awesome Shoes! With a huge selection of trainers, school shoes and strap sandals in a variety of colours and designs - there's something to suit every style. Whether you're looking for comfortable and supportive, light-up midsoles, 3-D heart-sculpted details, air-cooled memory foam insoles, synthetic or mesh uppers, stretch laces or instep strap closures, get the fashion and function you need from Skechers at Awesome Shoes! 🎉😊

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How to measure your feet
Measure the foot in centimeters from heel to longest toe and enter the measurement into box above. We've taken account of growing room and the suggested size is for this specific shoe (we've measured the shoes!).

Size Finder™ — Foot Measuring guide

Download the simple and free to use Size Finder™ Paper Ruler and follow the instructions included with it to measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home.

Download the paper ruler

Don't forget to check your printer settings are marked as "Do not Scale" – otherwise the ruler won't give the right length.

To measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home all you need is a wall and a ruler.
Follow the steps below for each foot and take the largest centimeter size:

  1. Place the foot on a wooden or hard floor, with the heel touching a wall.
  2. Stand normally, with equal weight on both feet.
  3. Place a ruler beside the foot so it is also touching the wall.
  4. Then take the length in centimeters from the heel to the tip of the longest toe – the longest toe may not be the big toe.
There is no need to add any extra centimeters as we've already calculated growing room into all our measurements.
Slip-Ins Ultra Flex 3.0 Skechers Slip-Ins Ultra Flex 3.0 New £49.00 Slip-Ins Ultra Flex 3.0 Skechers Slip-Ins Ultra Flex 3.0 £49.00 Microspec Max Torvix Skechers Microspec Max Torvix £40.00 Bounder Skechers Bounder New £31.00 Bounder Skechers Bounder New £31.00 Smooth Street Skechers Smooth Street New £36.00 Skech Skechers Skech New £31.00 Slip-Ins Ultra Flex 3.0 Skechers Slip-Ins Ultra Flex 3.0 £49.00 Microspec Skechers Microspec £36.00 Microspec Max Skechers Microspec Max £40.00 Vortex 2.0 Skechers Vortex 2.0 £31.00 £44.00 -30% Razor Splash Skechers Razor Splash £24.50 £34.95 -30% Creature Skechers Creature £31.00 £44.00 -30% Razor Splash Skechers Razor Splash £31.00 Unicorn Dreams Skechers Unicorn Dreams £37.00 £54.00 -30% Unicorn Dreams Skechers Unicorn Dreams £31.00 £44.00 -30% Unicorn Dreams Skechers Unicorn Dreams £37.00 £54.00 -30% Creature Skechers Creature £40.50 £59.00 -30% Ultra Flex 3.0 Skechers Ultra Flex 3.0 £37.00 £54.00 -30% Ultra Flex 3.0 Skechers Ultra Flex 3.0 £37.00 £54.00 -30% Unicorn Dreams Skechers Unicorn Dreams £31.00 £44.00 -30% Uno Skechers Uno £33.50 £69.00 -50% Uno Skechers Uno £33.50 £69.00 -50% Sport Court 92 Zelder Skechers Sport Court 92 Zelder £25.50 £52.00 -50% Hypno-Splash Skechers Hypno-Splash £19.00 £37.95 -50% Elite Sport Pro Skechers Elite Sport Pro £23.50 £47.00 -50% Retrospect Skechers Retrospect £23.00 £45.95 -50%

Our Awesome Shoes selection of Skechers kids trainers features the best of boys' and girls' trainers that the iconic brand has to offer. Skechers kids shoes have become known worldwide for their trendy, funky designs, high comfort level, and excellent quality materials - all of which make them the perfect pick for a pair of children's sneakers. We have chosen the most attractive, comfortable, and kid-friendly designs that we are sure your children will love.

Skechers is an iconic US footwear brand that has remained at the forefront of sneaker fashion since its creation in the early 1900s. The company is the third largest sports footwear brand in America and its brand is recognised worldwide as a sign of quality, attractive design, and sporty style. From chunky running shoes to slim-line trainers, the Skechers kids trainers range has plenty to offer in terms of style, practicality, and colour choices.

The famous S logo of Skechers has become one of the most known footwear designs in the world. And over the past two decades, parents have learned to trust the logo as a mark of quality, high-fashion, and excellent quality, durable materials. The brand has become a mainstay in popular culture and is easily recognisable to fashion-conscious parents and kids alike.

Our Awesome Shoes selection features the prime picks of the available kids' Skechers designs so you can pick from the very best the brand has to offer. Ranging from bright, vibrant light-up styles for fun, and casual wear to black and blue running shoes suitable for PE classes, we have picked every type of athletic style your child might need!

Skechers Heart Lights girls trainers feature frothy, pastel colour designs that girls will love and delightful 3D light-up heart shapes in the sole which will shine with each step they take! Other light-up design picks include the Skechers Flex-Glow Elite kids trainers with ombre blue and green or red and black colours and mesh design elements. Choose between lace-up options and stylish strap designs and vibrant primary colours or pretty pastels - when it comes to Skechers light-up trainers for kids, Awesome Shoes has every option you will want or need!

We have also included the best sports and kids' running shoes Skechers has on offer. Made of robust and breathable fabrics, strong and soft memory foam cushioned soles, and wear-resistant materials, these Skechers kids trainers are a great choice for active children. Ranging from jet black designs to bright rainbow variations, Skechers kids shoes will keep your children safe and supported as they run around, participate in sports and PE and go about their everyday activities.

Browse the Awesome Shoes' Skechers kids shoes and Skechers kids trainers selection above to find the perfect pair of comfortable, colourful, and trendy shoes for your children. Our collection includes Skechers kids running shoes, Skechers Lights sneakers, and Skechers summer sandals - so scroll to find the very best that Skechers has to offer this season.

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