Wide range of exclusive Vans trainers for kids at Awesome Shoes. Founded in 1966, Vans has become known for its stylish skater shoes which offer comfort and an all-American sport style. They provide fashionable trainers in monochrome designs with their signature branding or with standout prints and colours for children along with comfort, durability and high-quality materials.

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How to measure your feet
Measure the foot in centimeters from heel to longest toe and enter the measurement into box above. We've taken account of growing room and the suggested size is for this specific shoe (we've measured the shoes!).

Size Finder™ — Foot Measuring guide

Download the simple and free to use Size Finder™ Paper Ruler and follow the instructions included with it to measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home.

Download the paper ruler

Don't forget to check your printer settings are marked as "Do not Scale" – otherwise the ruler won't give the right length.

To measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home all you need is a wall and a ruler.
Follow the steps below for each foot and take the largest centimeter size:

  1. Place the foot on a wooden or hard floor, with the heel touching a wall.
  2. Stand normally, with equal weight on both feet.
  3. Place a ruler beside the foot so it is also touching the wall.
  4. Then take the length in centimeters from the heel to the tip of the longest toe – the longest toe may not be the big toe.
There is no need to add any extra centimeters as we've already calculated growing room into all our measurements.
YT Atwood Vans YT Atwood New £35.00 YT Atwood Vans YT Atwood £33.00 YT Ward Vans YT Ward £33.00 £40.95 -20% YT Ward Vans YT Ward £37.00 TD Ward V Vans TD Ward V New £30.00 TD Ward V Vans TD Ward V £30.00 TD Ward V Vans TD Ward V New £30.00 YT Ward Vans YT Ward New £37.00 YT Filmore Hi VansGuard Vans YT Filmore Hi VansGuard £50.00 YT Ward V Vans YT Ward V £37.00 YT Ward Vans YT Ward £37.00 YT Filmore Hi Vans YT Filmore Hi £40.00 YT Ward Vans YT Ward £28.50 £40.95 -30% MY Asher Vans MY Asher £26.00 £36.95 -30% TD Filmore Hi Zip Vans TD Filmore Hi Zip £33.00 YT Seldan Vans YT Seldan £31.00 £43.95 -30% MY Ward Vans MY Ward £28.50 £40.95 -30% YT Asher Vans YT Asher £18.50 £36.95 -50% MY Filmore Hi VansGuard Vans MY Filmore Hi VansGuard £27.00 £53.95 -50% YT Filmore Hi Vans YT Filmore Hi £22.00 £43.95 -50% YT Seldan Vans YT Seldan £22.00 £43.95 -50% YT Ward Vans YT Ward £20.50 £40.95 -50% TD Ward Slip-On Vans TD Ward Slip-On £17.00 £33.95 -50% WM Filmore Hi VansGuard Vans WM Filmore Hi VansGuard £39.50 £78.95 -50% WM Ward Vans WM Ward £34.50 £68.95 -50% MY Doheny Vans MY Doheny £19.50 £38.95 -50%

When it comes to trendy, fashionable, and comfy shoes for your child, there are very few better choices than Vans kids trainers or Vans school shoes! This high-quality brand has become known for its stylish skater shoes and sneakers which offer comfort and all-American sport style across all their designs. And now this classic, stylish, and trendy sports shoe brand come in specially designed kids' versions!

Our Awesome Shoes Vans kids trainer range features our picks of the absolute best this iconic US brand has to offer. You can choose the most fashionable, fun, and funky designs for your children safe in the knowledge that along with style you will be buying comfort, durability, and high-quality materials.

Vans first came to prominence in the footwear world during the 1990s when their cool skate shoes and streetwear designs became an instant hit with young people looking for classic, clean designs and comfortable trainers which ensured freedom of movement and flexibility. And these design elements mean that they are still one of the go-to brands for trend-conscious footwear collectors today.

Our Awesome Shoes range of Vans school shoes and Vans kids trainers embraces the best designs the brand has to offer along with the practicality and durability you have come to expect from our choice footwear. Our selection features comfortable, stylish, and funky shoe designs which are long-lasting and keep even the most fashion-conscious children happy! Browse above to see what is on offer!

Van's iconic canvas sneaker designs have been modified for kids and we have picked the standouts for you to consider. From classic kids skater shoes to chunkier Vans kids trainers, in plain white or red checker materials, pastel pink or leopard design - there is bound to be a design that speaks to your children and to you!

Vans kids trainers include the classic Old Skool designs which will be familiar to parents who wore the same brand during the 90s! These designs have been freshened up but still bear the iconic design features of the classic Vans skate shoes. Your children's feet will be cool and comfortable in the soft, breathable canvas textile bearing the classic side stripe. While their feet will gain extra protection from robust rubber toe caps, padded ankle collars, and waffle design grip on the outsoles.

Our Vans kids trainers also include high-top sneakers, kids' slip-ons, and classic low-top plimsolls in colourful, bright, and vibrant colours and fun camouflage, animal, and fire design prints which kids will adore!

And when it comes to school time your kids can enjoy the comfort, style, and ease of movement by wearing Vans school shoes. These high-quality, smart, and sturdy shoes are conservative enough for the classroom and robust and wear-resistant for the playground. The perfect mix of smart design and practical comfort, these affordable and easy-to-put-on shoes are a no-brainer when it comes to picking a great pair of school shoes when the autumn term arrives.

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Vans "The most famous skate shoes"

On March 16, 1966, at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim, California, brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren and Gordon C. Lee opened the first Vans store under the name The Van Doren Rubber Company. The business manufactured shoes and sold them directly to the public. On that first morning, twelve customers purchased Vans deck shoes, which are now known as "Authentic". The company displayed three styles of shoes, but on the opening day, the company had only manufactured display models without any inventory ready to sell, the store rack boxes were actually empty. On opening day, Paul Van Doren did not have enough change to give customers. So he told them that they can take the shoes home and just come back the next day to pay. The following day, all the customers came back to pay.

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