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At Awesome Shoes, we have a huge selection of boys' school shoes from top brands including adidas, Dr Martens, Vans, Kickers, Skechers, Geox, Bobux, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Ricosta. Get a pair that your kids will love – from smart leather shoes for the classroom to rugged trainers for break time. With free and fast delivery, you'll find the perfect shoes for school in a style to suit any boy. 🤩 Pick up a pair of boys' school shoes today and let your kids hit the halls in style.

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Size Finder™

How to measure your feet
Measure the foot in centimeters from heel to longest toe and enter the measurement into box above. We've taken account of growing room and the suggested size is for this specific shoe (we've measured the shoes!).

Size Finder™ — Foot Measuring guide

Download the simple and free to use Size Finder™ Paper Ruler and follow the instructions included with it to measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home.

Download the paper ruler

Don't forget to check your printer settings are marked as "Do not Scale" – otherwise the ruler won't give the right length.

To measure either your own or your child's foot length from the comfort of your own home all you need is a wall and a ruler.
Follow the steps below for each foot and take the largest centimeter size:

  1. Place the foot on a wooden or hard floor, with the heel touching a wall.
  2. Stand normally, with equal weight on both feet.
  3. Place a ruler beside the foot so it is also touching the wall.
  4. Then take the length in centimeters from the heel to the tip of the longest toe – the longest toe may not be the big toe.
There is no need to add any extra centimeters as we've already calculated growing room into all our measurements.
Tensaur Sport 2.0 CF K adidas Tensaur Sport 2.0 CF K £27.00 Harry Ricosta Harry £65.00 YT Atwood Vans YT Atwood £31.00 1461 Mono J Dr Martens 1461 Mono J £58.50 YT Seldan Vans YT Seldan £40.00 1461 Mono Y Dr Martens 1461 Mono Y £83.00 J Riddock F Geox J Riddock F From £44.00 Kick T J Kickers Kick T J £49.00 Kick T I Kickers Kick T I £45.00 Kick Hi Vegan J Kickers Kick Hi Vegan J £56.00 Kick Hi Zip I Kickers Kick Hi Zip I £49.00 Dinosauro Lights Bull Boys Dinosauro Lights £55.00 Duramo SL K adidas Duramo SL K £33.00 J Riddock H Geox J Riddock H From £48.00 J Zheeno A Geox J Zheeno A From £52.00 J Zheeno B Geox J Zheeno B From £57.00 Kick Hi Y Kickers Kick Hi Y £62.00 Tensaur Sport 2.0 K adidas Tensaur Sport 2.0 K £28.50 Kick Hi Vegan Y Kickers Kick Hi Vegan Y £70.00 J Arzach D Geox J Arzach D £50.00 574 New Balance 574 £65.00 Barefoot Alex Froddo Barefoot Alex From £54.00 J Federico C Geox J Federico C From £52.00 Advantage CF C adidas Advantage CF C £28.50 Kick Hi Vegan I Kickers Kick Hi Vegan I £51.00 YT Ward V Vans YT Ward V £37.00 Duramo SL EL K adidas Duramo SL EL K £33.00 1461 Easy On J Dr Martens 1461 Easy On J £69.00 Advantage  K adidas Advantage K £33.00 Kids Pelotas Camper Kids Pelotas From £63.00 Kick Lo J Kickers Kick Lo J £53.50 Kick T Vel J Kickers Kick T Vel J £50.00 J Riddock I Geox J Riddock I £46.00 Kick Hi Roll J Kickers Kick Hi Roll J £59.00 Kick Scuff Hi Kickers Kick Scuff Hi £57.50 William Ricosta William £60.00 1461 J Dr Martens 1461 J £58.50 Runfalcon 3.0 EL K adidas Runfalcon 3.0 EL K £31.50 Tensaur Run 2.0 K adidas Tensaur Run 2.0 K £30.00 Kick Hi Zip J Kickers Kick Hi Zip J £53.50 480 New Balance 480 £56.00 Sport Court 92 Zelder Skechers Sport Court 92 Zelder £42.00 Uno Lite Skechers Uno Lite £38.50 Kick Lo Vel I Kickers Kick Lo Vel I £45.00 Tensaur Run 2.0 CF K adidas Tensaur Run 2.0 CF K £27.50 Kick T Vel I Kickers Kick T Vel I £45.00 Kids Runner Camper Kids Runner From £60.00 Luka Froddo Luka £56.00 Kick Hi Roll I Kickers Kick Hi Roll I £58.00 Tovni Twin Vel I Kickers Tovni Twin Vel I £40.50 Kick Lo Y Kickers Kick Lo Y £57.50 J Savage A Geox J Savage A £48.00 Kick Scuff Lo J Kickers Kick Scuff Lo J £53.50 Kick T Vel Y Kickers Kick T Vel Y £55.50 Kick Lo Vel J Kickers Kick Lo Vel J £51.50 480 New Balance 480 £55.00 Go Run 400 V2 Skechers Go Run 400 V2 £32.50 Kick Scuff Hi I Kickers Kick Scuff Hi I £51.50 Shoe Tommy Hilfiger Shoe From £51.00 Shoe Tommy Hilfiger Shoe £55.00 Tovni Lacer Y Kickers Tovni Lacer Y £49.00 Uno Lite Skechers Uno Lite £45.00 YT Ward Vans YT Ward £37.00 Tovni Twin Vel J Kickers Tovni Twin Vel J £47.00 574 New Balance 574 £60.00 Tucker Wild Tribe Tucker £11.00 £21.95 -50% Sneaker Tommy Hilfiger Sneaker £47.50 £67.95 -30% Sneaker Tommy Hilfiger Sneaker £50.50 £71.95 -30% Superstar EL I adidas Originals Superstar EL I £21.00 £41.95 -50% Go Run Consistent Recess Runner Skechers Go Run Consistent Recess Runner £30.00 £42.95 -30% Sneaker Tommy Hilfiger Sneaker From £47.50 £67.95 -30% J Federico A Geox J Federico A £43.00 £61.45 -30% J Pavel C Geox J Pavel C £32.00 £45.95 -30% J Savage B Geox J Savage B £43.00 £61.45 -30% Carnaby Evo BL 21 1 J Lacoste Carnaby Evo BL 21 1 J £28.50 £56.95 -50% J Riddock G Geox J Riddock G £36.00 £51.45 -30% ZX 1K Boost J adidas Originals ZX 1K Boost J £34.50 £68.95 -50%

What our customers are saying 💬

Great service, highly recommend!
Great service! I ordered the wrong size accidentally and they were able to sort it swiftly. Highly recommend!
First class service
First class service , speedy delivery and shoes were excellent quality . Definitely order again and will recommend to friends.
Great Slip in Sketchers
Arrived well packaged. Took a little longer than expected on delivery but worth waiting for. Do as they say, slip in perfectly, colours and quality are just right. Would recommend they are a perfect sketcher product!!
Order was delivered super quick
Order was delivered super quick, well packaged and the item I order was just as described and what was wanted.
Black vans
The experience over all amazing, from ordering to delivery. I had no issues with anything. Came nicely package and no damage. The quality of the shoe was 10/10 no issues there either.
Fabulous! Excellent service. Beautiful shoes & super fast delivery.couldnt ask for any more.i will definitely be purchasing from you guys again.thank you .
Im not going to lie i wasnt sure…
Im not going to lie i wasnt sure whether this site was legitimate. The shoes i was after (vans) where around half the price of every other retailer. I bit the bullet and not only are they amazingly fast with delivery (I ordered on Sunday they arrived Tuesday morning) the shoes were really well packaged, so the box wasnt damaged in the slightest and the shoes most definitely arent fakes. Id never heard of these guys until id scrolled very far down google looking for a price for the shoes my daughter wanted that was within my budget and these guys didnt disappoint. 100% will use again. Thank you
Ordering and delivery was excellent…
Ordering and delivery was excellent bought as a Christmas present so can’t review them but quality looks excellent
Shoes were exactly as pictured
Shoes were exactly as pictured. Extremely comfortable. Great communications from the company. Quick service and delivery. Would recommend.
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